A family of six living in a car for almost a year. The children wake up in the car, use public facilities to wash up, and go to school, while their father works hard to try to provide for his family.  They barely have enough food to eat and their struggle seems to be getting worse as each day passes. This is the true story of one Iranian American Jewish family. The only difference is that this same family now lives in a permanent, fully furnished home and they have regained hope for their future. Hope Foundation was able to help this family and many other struggling families in their time of need.

Our goal is to help as many Iranian American Jews as we can.  However, we can’t do it alone.  Hope Foundation needs your assistance and support.

Bring light to the lives of those in need.  Support Hope Foundation.


The Hope Foundation, established in 1997, is dedicated primarily to helping Iranian Jewish immigrants who are ineligible for aid from the United States government or other established charities. The Foundation also helps long-standing Iranian American Jewish residents qualify for government assistance, as well as other charitable assistance. It is a tax exempt organization registered with the United States government under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). The source of the Foundation’s financial support is direct donation from many members of the Jewish community. The Hope Foundation is an affiliate organization of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

Our Mission

Hope Foundations Mission:

  • To provide an emergency safety net for people who have fallen on hard times.
  • To provide emergency food and shelter.
  • To provide emergency medical and psychological services.
  • To provide primary counseling and referral services.
  • To provide people in need with the opportunity to gain primary skills for self sufficiency.


The Hope Foundation uses selective mass mailing for soliciting financial donations. All members of the board and people working in this organization are and shall remain volunteers. The organization does not have any formal employees and at this time is not obligated to pay for office rent or other overhead. Except for the cost of a Post Office Box, stationary and mailing expenses, all donations collected are used for direct charitable cause. Hope Foundation uses approximately 95% of all collected funds for charity. If you are interested in helping Hope Foundation fundraise, please contact us at (310) 535-7744.

Board of Trustees

Honorary Board Members

Mr. Nigel Alliance

Ms. Katherine Merage

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Merage

Members of the Executive Board

Mrs. Guity Simantob Borookhim

Mr. Manouchehr Manny Borookhim

Mrs. Mahine Eliassian

Mr. Daniel Kadisha

Dr. Navideh Levy

Mrs. Samira Miller

Dr. Shahram Ravan

Mr. Henry Shahery

Mr. Mansour Sinai

Mrs. Mehri Sinai