Circle of Hope, Ambassadors Event

Tuesday October 17th | 9:00PM-2:00AM

On Tuesday, Oct 17th, the Hope Foundation will have another event to raise awareness for the important causes of this organization.  Given the highly successful function at the Sofitel Hotel, many generous hosts are now partnering with the Hope Foundation to increase the outreach and resources for the recipients.  We would like to thank you your dedication and partnership!

Due to the private nature of the event, invites are strictly privately managed.  Please contact for further information.

Previous Events

A Night for Hope

March 9th | 9:00PM-2:00AM

8555 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Have you ever been so poor to be forced to live in your car? Have you ever been so desperate that you depended on food stamps? Have you ever been kicked out of your house into the street because you no longer can afford the payments?

If your answer is no, please read below.

Every day, there are VERY disenfranchised Persian Jewish families who need food, money, services (medical, psychological, legal) and support. Some of them live IN THEIR CARS, and rely of FOOD STAMPS. You wonder who they turn to? The answer is : The Hope Foundation.

The Hope Foundation is a Persian Jewish organization here in LA that has helped hundreds of families over the past 20 yrs. Our overhead is less than 2%, and we are made of strictly volunteer business, medical and legal professionals dedicated to helping our community’s most helpless.

NOW, this organization wants to be heard. We are not raising funds, we are raising awareness and recognition in the younger generation.

Join us on Thursday, March 9th, to celebrate “A NIGHT FOR HOPE!.” We are expecting hundreds of new faces to come together and give a helping hand to our community’s most vulnerable and disenfranchised members.

Location: The Sofitel Hotel Grand Ballroom. Doors open at 9pm.

**** Open bar all night *****

I am counting on YOU to be a HOPE PARTNER and take part in this momentous event.

Please visit for more information about our organization.